Sunny and breathtaking

An unforgettable experience for those who love to gaze upon the summit of Großglockner, the Karawanken, and the Julian Alps, or those who wish to approach the sun visually.

On the observation platform, there is a lens telescope, Celestron 80mm, semi-apochromatic. The safe observation of the sun is ensured by a "Herschel prism". Through this, we can see the "photosphere," the layer of the solar atmosphere that is visible to the naked eye. Dark, slightly cooler areas known as sunspots, some of which are larger than our Earth, become visible.

In the observatory, alongside the reflector telescope, there is a high-quality lens telescope, a so-called "fluorite apochromat." With this, you can experience the highlight of sun observation through the "H-alpha surface filter." This special filter allows the true surface of the sun, the "chromosphere," to be visible in a narrow range of light. In the H-alpha light spectrum, the sun appears in a rich red color, and you can see not only sunspots but also distinct structures such as filaments, solar flares, and prominences at the sun's edge.

Technical Details

80mm lens telescope (Celestron semi-apochromatic) on the platform, sun observation with Herschel prism.

The Herschel prism absorbs 99.9% of the sunlight. Heat absorption is achieved through ceramic materials used in space shuttle technology.

Mounted on the reflector telescope in the observatory: 110mm fluorite apochromat (TEC - Telescope Engineering Company) with a fluorite crystal lens system.

H-Alpha filter solar spectrum "Advanced Solar Observer" with a 0.5 Angstrom bandwidth for observing light at a wavelength of 656.28 nm.

Guided tours in the observatory

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