Straight from the Alpinhotel to the slopes

Pacheiner ski vacationers have it especially good as active enthusiasts in a stunning location: the slopes are right at their doorstep. With 60 kilometers of ski runs and 15 lifts, there's plenty of variety for enjoyable winter fun on one or two boards. Some might call it "ski in & ski out," far from the local dialect. What we mean is going from bed to slope in around 45 seconds. Through the ski storage, which is not actually a basement since it has no stairs, you step directly onto the slope at ground level. Individuality is truly valued here.

If we take a closer look, fog is actually quite a lazy companion. It lingers persistently in the valleys, while we prefer to stay up high. We enjoy looking down at the giant cotton ball that blankets the lowlands and bask in the wonderfully radiant sun on Gerlitzen. Life can be so beautifully fair. Do we deserve it? Yes.

Delightful winter wonderland

Why do many people come to us? For the unique Pacheiner mountain experience: Being the first to carve their tracks in the untouched snow in the morning... even before the lifts bring up the guests from below. Then back up with the first gondola and once again be the first to descend into the valley. When 1+1 equals three, and we don't think about it but simply rejoice. Perhaps it's only after these first two runs that we indulge in a wonderful breakfast? You definitely deserve it.

And what about those who prefer a more leisurely pace? Marvelous snowshoe hikes beckon you to explore the gently undulating terrain. Winter hiking trails with endless panoramas clear the lungs and uplift the soul.

While others squeeze into the gondola, drive home on slippery roads through the fog, indulgent individualists bring their day to a close at the cozy bar in Pacheiner. With a good drink. Engaging in light-hearted conversations. Glad to have descended to this mountain haven.

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There is always something to do, even up here on the mountains. Breathe in the fresh air, immerse yourself in nature, stargaze, enjoy delicious food, and much more. Come and see for yourself!