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Above the clouds

Active connoisseurs love to talk about the “peak happiness”. About the good feelings when they have arrived at the top. At the summit. At an altitude of 1,900 m. In our hotel on the Carinthian Gerlitzen Alpe. When they have gone their own way and are rewarded with the sensation of being at one with themselves. In the vastness and depth. Indulging in breathtaking panoramas. Quietly letting off steam, completely centered in themselves.

Mountainous. At the very top.

If this is what you want to feel during your ski or hiking vacation - or perhaps even a wellness vacation - then we warmly invite you to experience a hearty dose of summit happiness with us. Combined with the privilege of being able to enjoy a fantastic view up here and check into the ski slopes and hiking trails right outside your door. In combination with the fresh, clear mountain air and relaxed thoughts, it feels good.

In addition to the snow-sure location at 1,900 meters above sea level and its position directly on the slopes, many guests are drawn to our mountain hotel, especially in the summer when the cities in the valley steam with heat.

To that place, where the climate is merciful, and sleeping with open windows still works wonderfully without air conditioning.

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Read here what our guests feel, think and believe - and what they say. About their vacation in Carinthia, at the Alpinhotel Pacheiner. Thank you for taking the time to rate us.

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Our guests are less concerned about the square footage of our rooms. They are more interested in the fascinating panoramic view over the mountains surrounding the Gerlitzen.

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