Resting well, never rusting

Immerse yourself in the pleasures of relaxation... Sauna enthusiasts complete their day perfectly in the Pacheiner Sauna World. They rave about the relaxation room with its panoramic view. The soul dangles boundlessly, while the body and mind find deep relaxation and inner peace.

Summit wellness on Gerlitzen: unparalleled. Sauna session after sauna session, life loosens its grip. Breathe out deeply and blissfully immerse yourself in the fragrant vapors of the steam bath. Letting go of existence, as delicious as it feels. Up here. Far above the cold everyday world.

The day was good, your feet have carried you far, perhaps. Wonderful impressions need to be sorted and processed. It's time to rest. Lean back and gaze endlessly into the distance, seizing the moment of exclusivity on the mountain. When, if not now? Where, if not here? At the peak of indulgence. Evening has arrived. Nature and silence have taken over the stage once again. A comforting feeling.

Because marveling
broadens the

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"There is always something to do, even up here in the mountains. Take a deep breath of fresh air, go on a high dive, or simply look at the stars and enjoy with your heart. Just come and visit us to see for yourself."