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Culinary delights on the mountain

The Alpine Inn, which is directly connected to the new Alpin hotel, has been owned by the Pacheiner family since 1993. Nature lovers, skiers, and model airplane enthusiasts have always stopped here for a hearty snack, the Carinthian “Kasnudel”, or a “Krapfen”. In 1990, the Alpin Inn was renovated and expanded, and to this day offers the highest quality in food and drinks.

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Your Celebrations at the Alpin Inn

The Pacheiner is known far beyond regional borders for decades: for its coziness, the warmth of its hosts and employees, for a culinary pampering program with all conceivable delicacies - whether traditionally Carinthian or influenced by the nearby coast.

The Alpin Inn is large enough for all imaginable celebrations: Christmas parties, birthdays, company parties - whatever you would like to celebrate. We are very happy to put together an individual culinary program for you that will make your heart and taste buds sing. And we are also happy to combine your event with a visit to the observatory or a fun sled event. At the indulgence of eating loin ribs, fondue or other meal highlights, it's not just about enjoying, but also about getting closer together, forgetting everyday life and really enjoying life to the fullest.

The best Pizza
on the mountain

The best pizza on Gerlitzen is definitely found with us! Not only Carinthian specialties are freshly and self-prepared, even the pizza tastes like it's from Bella Italia, as it comes from an original wood-fired pizza oven. Crispy, fresh, delicious.

The name Pacheiner stands for a special kind of indulgence at 1,900 meters above sea level.

Fondue, Ripperl & Co

Jeden Dienstag verwöhnen wir Sie mit einer köstlichen Auswahl an Fondues bei unserem Fondue & Ripperlabend. Gerne auch in Kombination mit einer Sternenbeobachtung in unserer eigenen Sternwarte.

Sun Terrace with stunning panoramic view

On our modern sun terrace, you can enjoy the sun's rays and a good glass of wine amidst a stunning backdrop: the breathtaking mountain scenery surrounding the Gerlitzen.

„7 at one blow“

Daily specials

At our Alpengasthof, feasting on mountain-inspired dishes is our program. Freshly cooked from the pan, bubbling from the pot every day. Starting now, in addition to our regular menu, we offer a daily special dish, freshly prepared and delicious just for you. Come and enjoy it from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Tagesgericht am Montag
Köstliche Burgerkreationen so weit das Auge reicht... Alpin Burger/Pommes Frites - um wohlfeile EUR 12,80
Tagesgericht am Dienstag
Frisch-saftig. Und typisch Pacheiner... Backhendl mit Kartoffelsalat - um heiße EUR 11,80
Tagesgericht am Mittwoch
Genussvolles aus dem Topf... Kartoffelgulasch/Würstl, Erbseneintopf/Würstl oder Chili con Carne - um geschmackige EUR 9,90
Tagesgericht am Donnerstag
Jetzt geht´s um die Wurst... Käsekrainer, Selch- oder Currywurst mit Sauerkraut oder Pommes - um EUR 9,90
Tagesgericht am Freitag
Pasta? Pasta! Lasagne (EUR 10,90) I Hüttenpenne (EUR 8,90) I Kasnudeln/braune Butter (EUR 8,90) I Fleischnudeln/Sauerkraut (EUR 10,40)
Tagesgericht am Samstag
Es gibt nix Feineres als am Samstag was Schweinernes... Schweinsbraten/Semmelknödl/Sauerkraut (EUR 12,90) I Kärntner Ritschert (EUR 9,80)
Sonntagsfrühstück von 09:00 Uhr bis 11:00 Uhr... Weißwurst/Leberkäs mit Brezn & 1 Weizn um EUR 9,80

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Our special offers

There is always something to do, even up here on the mountains. Breathe in the fresh air, immerse yourself in nature, stargaze, enjoy delicious food, and much more. Come and see for yourself!