Adventure in the high ropes course

At the Kanzelbahn, Kärnten's largest forest high ropes course awaits you, featuring 15 different courses ranging from 1 to 18 meters in height!

In the new Adventure Park on Gerlitzen, there are adventures and thrills for both young and old. Children aged 3 and up can choose from 5 easy blue courses. For those who want to reach higher, there are 5 intermediate, 1 difficult, and 1 extremely difficult course, including a 10-meter free fall known as the "Base Jump." Additionally, there are 31 flying foxes at heights ranging from 1 to 18 meters.

Get ready for an adventure!


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"There is always something to do, even up here in the mountains. Take a deep breath of fresh air, go on a high dive, or simply look at the stars and enjoy with your heart. Just come and visit us to see for yourself."