From the mountain hotel to the lake resort

It's exciting when the world turns upside down, and you have to look at things from a different perspective. One of our mountain secrets: "Downhill" is our motto!

As our hotel guests, you no longer have to go uphill unless you want to, if the desire for exhilaration outweighs the desire to relax. Because you're already at the top, at Alpinhotel. And that's a good thing and has its charm. You can unleash yourself on three designated bike tours, according to your wishes, and almost always go downhill all the way to Lake Ossiach.

In between, you can enjoy the views and mountain panoramas, lay your jersey out to dry in the sun, take a refreshing and gentle dip in the lake, and contemplate how good life is. To return to happiness, you can take a leisurely cable car ride or use your own muscle power—it's up to you, depending on your mood and biking style. Whatever suits you. Not every day is the same. And that's good too. Does it sound like your dream bike vacation in Carinthia?

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"There is always something to do, even up here in the mountains. Take a deep breath of fresh air, go on a high dive, or simply look at the stars and enjoy with your heart. Just come and visit us to see for yourself."