The secret tip for performance athletes

A secret tip for performance athletes is training in high-altitude environments. For many years, athletes have incorporated training at high altitudes as a natural way to increase their performance by enhancing oxygen uptake in the blood.

At an elevation of 1,900 meters on the summit of the Gerlitzen Alpe in Carinthia, Austria, you'll find the Alpinhotel Pacheiner. It has increasingly become a basecamp of choice for top athletes aiming to utilize the high-altitude setting to enhance their performance for upcoming competitions. The establishment of high-altitude training centers worldwide, particularly at elevations around 2,000 meters, is not a coincidence but rather a reflection of the noticeable effects experienced by the body at these altitudes.

Sport and Relaxation

The combination of training in the valley and active or passive relaxation at the hotel proves to be ideal for performance athletes at Alpinhotel. For example, cyclists preparing for the Tour de France already take advantage of this opportunity. They ride their bikes down to the valley in the morning, circumnavigate Lake Ossiach, utilize the numerous training options on lightly trafficked roads, and finally conquer the challenging stage back to the hotel.

Afterwards, the athletes often engage in regeneration activities such as massages and swimming in the infinity pool at the hotel. Athletes prefer to stay in the hotel's holiday apartments with their families or other athletes. These apartments have the advantage of spacious kitchens where meals tailored to the athletes' needs can be prepared independently.

Preparation for the tour the france

In June 2019, British professional cyclist Mark Cavendish took advantage of the location and high-quality offerings of Alpinhotel to prepare for the upcoming Tour de France. Cavendish, a multiple Tour de France and Giro d'Italia participant at the age of 34, meticulously trained in the performance-enhancing high-altitude environment and fully enjoyed the regeneration program, including swimming, massages, and nutrition.

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