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Unwind in tranquility - or make some noise, do whatever pleases you. Each person according to their taste, with the essentials at the right time and place. Speaking of the place: it's an environment that will do you good, for your body, but also for your mind - and above all, for your eyes. As your blood starts to flow and your biceps and triceps show off, your eyes will calmly find their rest. And they will delight in probably the most beautiful view in Carinthia. Serene and discreetly. Or euphorically, happily.

State-of-the-art fitness equipment in the Panorama Fitness Room awaits to be put to the test by you.

Because marveling
broadens the

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Es gibt immer was zu tun. Auch bei uns am Berg. Fern Luftholen. Oder hoch Eintauchen.Oder ganz einfach Sternderlschauen, herzhaft genießen und Vieles mehr. Einfach mal reinschauen.