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Why stay in one place when you can always go higher. When someone says that it doesn’t get better, keep going until you reach the top and watch as the borders you thought were there just disappear.

The Gerlitzen is known far and wide for its special thermals. It is a great base camp for model plane builders and paragliders hoping for high altitude flights. Good wind and thermal conditions offer some of the finest flights high above the clouds and they are right outside our hotel doors. Even those who do not pilot their own planes can view the thrilling spectacle almost daily from their terraces. Also, don’t worry! The gliders are absolutely silent and they do not use any fuels that will pollute the fresh air.

Man of House’s Habit: A unique workshop space and storage for flight enthusiasts bringing their planes to the summit with them.

Quick Summary

  • Perfect Thermals
  • Model Plane flights possible in any direction
  • Pacheiner is directly located where the prevailing winds are
  • Offers large, flat and soft pastures for ideal landing sites
  • The Gerlitzen is also ideal for bigger gliders with up to 5 or 6 meter wingspans.
  • Our Alpine Guesthouse provides its own model plane workshop perfect for repairs or to offer storage facilities for our plane enthusiasts.
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  • model aeroplanes at Gerlitzen Alps