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Everything that could be said about Carinthian lakes probably has already been written - about what a luxury it is to swim in the purest drinking water, to bathe body and soul.

We don’t want to hold you up here on your way to this natural treasure - we just want to touch on something really quickly, because the fact that water of drinking quality could still be warm enough to bathe in is for many a contradiction: not to worry, you can honestly count on pleasant swimming temperatures. Nature really had us in mind when she planned to warm the lakes to such an agreeable temperature in summer.

And this good stuff is so close-by: Hop out of your hiking shoes and into your flipflops. In just 20 minutes you can easily and comfortably travel directly with the gondola from our place to the Ossiach Lake. Three public swimming areas invite you to dive right in; for each one in Annenheim you can purchase an entry ticket at our hotel. In the morning, go for a bit of a hike, then in the afternoon, dive into the cool waters. Or the other way around, as you wish.

You determine the time, the variety, the scope of your vacation. An unique combination of mountains and lakes, hiking and swimming.

Further numerous Carinthian lakes like Lake Faak, the Silber Lake, Lake Afritz and many more are just a stone’s throw away by car. When the weather isn’t cooperating, you can enjoy unlimited water fun in the new KärntenTherme in Warmbad-Villach...whether it’s hot or cold, as life plays itself out.

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