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This is what a mountain summer smells like. The delicous aroma of herbs and blossoms. The soft meadows under your feet. The trails lead far and wide to unknown adventures. Casual walkers will be as happy here as well-trained hiking enthusiasts.

The mountain is large and has endless possibilities and potential...

Even hang gliders and mountain bikers can sing a Carinthian song. There are endless possibilities for wandering the trails and this makes the Gerlitzen the obvious choice for a fantastic experience between gentians and mountain air.

An interesting highlight of the Gerlitzen is model plane flying. The conditions are optimal for this hobby as the area has perfect thermals for flying model planes. Even Mr. Pacheiner himself is an enthusiastic model builder and will gladly open his model building workshop to other model plane enthusiasts.

The Gerlitzen lies at the heart of anything, which makes it the perfect place for an unforgettable Carinthian holiday. A great destination that lies right at your doorstep is Landskron’s Castle. This castle features fantastic eagle shows for guests. Additionally, you can take a boat tour on Lake Ossiach. The docking station for the boat is a short walk from the cable car station. Stift Ossiach (the former abbey) or the Terra Mystica mines also make great destinations when the weather is less than ideal. If you dare to take to the air, you can ride along on a glider flight departing from the airfield in Feldkirchen. If you stay a bit closer, you can also take a tandem glider flight from the summit of the Gerlitzen departing from directly in front of our hotel. Lakes, vitality, culture and great people...what more could you want from your holiday?

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