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Escape from everything, get back to yourself

Mountain vacationers can find Pacheiner’s Alpine Guest House where those with discriminating tastes like to stay - at the sunny top of Carinthia, on the Gerlitzen, 1,900m above the lowlands, right below the stars.

“Freedom is said to be limitless above the clouds,” sings Reinhard Mey. This is what our guests feel when they stand in the sunshine and look out over the mist in the valleys or at the sea of clouds under their feet.

The panoramic views featuring powerful mountain peaks are breathtaking. It is refreshing to breathe in the clear mountain air, so far away from the dust and dirt of the daily grind. Safe and snug in the calm, earthy quiet of the mountain. Moved by the majestic dome of the starry sky above filled with twinkling stars.

You can almost reach out and grab them from our observatory. Come up - you will be astounded!

  • on the top of Gerlitzen Alps
  • great view from Pacheiner's Alpine Guest House
  • breakfast at Pacheiner's Alpine Guest House
  • view from Pacheiner's Alpine Guest House