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The Alpinhotel

Active connoisseurs are so happy when they arrive at the peak of the mountain...they feel such a sense of euphoria when they have arrived at the top. They took their time, took their own way, and are rewarded with such a sense of satisfaction of having reached the peak and returned to their own center in breadth and depth. 

While indulging in the breathtaking panorama, quietly letting off steam, turning their attention inward...

If this is what you would like to feel while on holiday, then we cordially invite you to experience a piece of the bliss that can be found at the top of the mountain.
Breathe the fresh mountain air to clear your thoughts and clear your mind. Relish in the sense of well-being you experience at the top of the mountain. The freedom to enjoy an individualized holiday that is both active and custom-made.

Feel safe and secure at our family-run business, where you are a cordially-invited guest and not just a number. We really are looking forward to welcoming you,

Pacheiner Family and Our Team

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