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Indulge yourself in a hot treat... Relax in the Pacheiner Sauna World to round out a perfect day. Let the quiet room and panoramic view take you away...Let your spirits soar and flow as your body comes to a deep relaxation. Your soul returns to its center.

Summit Wellness on the Gerlitzen: unparalleled. Round after round of the sauna loosens up your body, mind, and soul. Breathe deep and wide and take in the pleasurable vapors of the steam bath. Feel how exquisite it is to just let yourself be. Here at the top. Far above the cold everyday life.

It was a good day. Maybe your feet have carried you a long way. You want to work through all of the wonderful impressions of the day. It’s time to relax. Lean back and take a look out over the horizon, experience the grace of this hour, the exclusiveness of the mountain.

If not now, then when? Where, if not here? It is evening now. Nature and quiet have become center stage again...

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  • wellness at Pacheiner's Alpine Guest House
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  • calm at Pacheiner's Alpine Guest House